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We are a collective of good agent investors with proven startup success. Together with our network we have a track record in making good decisions in early stage companies.


Good decisions build better ventures; from matching the right investors to the right startups to help navigate the challenges of early stage companies.


We've been on both sides of the table so we understand what is required to build and grow businesses, but at the same time, what investors look for in a company.


Over time, we've built up a process to help identify exceptional founders building great businesses. We leverage our backgrounds and network to help propel these businesses to greater heights.


Our list of portfolio companies is available on our website,


Evan Wong - Founded multiple businesses with varying levels of success. Trained software engineer with a background in finance.

Sue Howes - Accomplished board director and CEO, with turn-around successes. Trained actuary with a background in insurance and banking.

Alex Mckillop - Over a decade of startup investing. Trained electrical engineering with a background in telecoms.