Aussie Angels Code of Conduct

Aussie Angels (us or we) believe in the power of Angels and Syndicate Leads (collectively, you). We have a strong and diverse network of angel investors and we have selected the very best to act as Syndicate Leads.

The Syndicate Leads who are invited to the platform have deep experience in working with and supporting startups. They are highly-connected to the startup ecosystem and are able to curate strong relationships with founders in order to secure investment allocations in the best deals for themselves and their network of investors.

These Syndicate Leads identify companies that they themselves have sought out, done their due diligence on, and decided to personally invest.

We only accept deals where the Syndicate Lead has skin in the game.


The information contained in Deal Notes and communications to investors is confidential and is provided to prospective investors for them to consider investing in the Syndicate. Its use for any other purpose is not permitted. It must not be reproduced or redistributed, in whole or in part, and its content should not be disclosed to anyone.

Wholesale Investors

Offers via the Syndicate are only open to wholesale clients as defined in section 761G (7) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) or sophisticated investors (as defined in section 761GA of the Act) (Investors). If at any time you no longer qualify as a wholesale investor, you must notify us immediately. 

Due Diligence

Syndicate Leads are required to complete due diligence on each deal they put forward for investment via the syndicate. The level of due diligence may vary depending on the stage of the companies. The lead must provide a summary of the due diligence that was completed on the company within the deal note.

‘Bad Actor’ limitations

Various laws apply to financial services in Australia, including (but not limited to) insider trading, market manipulation, hawking, wholesale/retail investor rules, AFSL licencing and fraud.  As an AFSL holder, we are required to comply with these laws and to ensure the people involved in our financial products also comply with these laws.

Where any of the following events occur in relation to you (a ‘disqualifying event’), any entitlement you may have under this letter to carry interest will lapse and you will removed from the the platform and forfeit any right you have to have discretions relating to carry interest exercised in your favour:

  1. you knowingly provide us with false, misleading or deceptive information
  2. you fail to keep the information specified in a deal note or other communications confidential;
  3. you slander or injure the business reputation or goodwill of Aussie Angels, the Trustee or their affiliates, including through contact with investors, service providers, employees or agents of Aussie Angels, the Trustee or their affiliates;
  4. you interfere with the business relationships that are in place concerning Aussie Angels, the Trustee or their affiliates, including through contact with investors, suppliers, employees or agents of Aussie Angels, the Trustee or their affiliates;
  5. you have any conflict of interest in relation to the startup or the Deal that has not been disclosed to us;
  6. you pay any amount to any person or receive any amount from any person in relation to the Deal that has not been disclosed to us;
  7. you provide financial product advice or otherwise provide any financial services to any persons (in relation to the Deal or otherwise), unless you hold an AFSL that authorises you to do so; or
  8. any other event that we deem to be a disqualifying event.


Investors must not at any time harass founders or other investors. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Contacting founders directly without the express permission of the syndicate lead, or
  2. Soliciting founders or other investors with products or services, or
  3. Acting aggressively, using foul language, or making threats, or
  4. Any other action that we deem to be harassment.