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Why Startup Heroes?

I believe that anyone can be a Startup Hero. Whether you are a startup founder trying to build something to change the world or an investor wanting to back founders. We all need each other to succeed. Each person plays their part.


Background and Why I Angel Invest?

I’m originally a numbers guy. Chartered Accountant by training, predominantly working with private businesses. For the last 10 years I’ve been focused on corporate advisory – Business Exits, Capital Raisings, Acquisitions and Strategic Support. I’m an experienced non-executive director and have advised a large number of companies over the years.


I first got interested in the tech sector in the mid 1990s as part of the first dotcom boom, which quickly turned into a dotcom bust. But I got addicted, seeing founders with visions to build huge businesses, create jobs, and take on large established companies and build new things.


Roll forward to 2009 and I make my first tentative angel investments. Over the following years I've made another 40+ investments (see more below).


I want to support and help people build great businesses, develop their amazing ideas and have an impact on others (and make some money at the same time).


My Approach

I need to believe that every investment I make can deliver a minimum of 10x return on investment if things go right (clearly most won’t deliver that return, and some will generate more).


I have a strong preference for things where I believe I can help, which will mainly be around growth and capital, and ultimately provide guidance around exits and strategic decisions.


At the earliest stages I like to consider a few key areas:

  1. Do I like the team and are they smart? Can they sell their vision? Can they solve problems? Can they take on-board feedback but still have the courage of their convictions? Are they resilient?
  2. Is the market opportunity large? (even if it is Australia only)
  3. Do they offer a good solution to the problem they are trying to solve, and can they learn quickly?
  4. Do I think the business can make money? (At some point you need to make a profit)


I’d like to think I can provide some input and help to every company I get involved with (and I think every company I’ve invested in would say I’ve added value beyond money).



I’ve invested in over 40 startups to date. As you would expected a number of failed, but a number have done exceptionally well, and will continue to do so from here. I consider that several will deliver 50-100x my original investment (several are well on their way towards achieving this) and these will well and truly make up for any losses.


Some of the startups I’ve backed include AirRobe, BeeRoll, eBev, Edrolo, ezyCollect, Fitbod, Flayr, FlyFreely, Genero, HeyYou, Kapiche, Simply Wall St, Snug, SoleSavy, Sourcr, StudentSuper, Torii, VenueNow, and ZoomZoom Tour


Adrian Bunter - Corporate Advisor | Angel Investor | Non-Exec Director | Startup Advisor


From time to time I'm joined by other exceptional people to help lead investments or provide assistance to companies