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Welcome to the Startmate Founders' Syndicate!

[Watch "Startmate Founders Syndicate Overview + Q&A" on YouTube - published 09-Apr-2024]

This is where our founders have the option to carve out a slice of allocation in their rounds post-accelerator for smaller cheques from their mentors and Startmate community - as a way to say thank you. This syndicate is founder-led.

At Startmate, we accelerate the most ambitious founders, operators and investors through our programs, propelled by a highly-trusted mentor-driven community, and backed by the best angels, venture funds and tech startups in the region.

Over the past decade we have invested in 230+ startups, with a collective portfolio value of over $2 billion.

Read more about Startmate Accelerator here on our website.

We pride ourselves on believing in founders before they believe in themselves. 

Startmate launches over 1,000 Startmate Fellows every year. As our community grows both in size and value, so does our ability to scalably unearth more ambitious founders at the beginning. It’s a virtuous cycle. One that will allow us to continue outperforming for the decade ahead.


Ben Simai
Investment Manager

Brady Flockart
Head Of Investments