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About SDGx

SDGx is a private UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) technology funds management and advisory group, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Sydney, Bangkok, and Berlin.


SDGx Ventures manages a climate technology VC fund and will offer co-investment opportunities to select angels and family offices through this syndicate.


It invests in deep tech companies accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon economy within the intersections of the energy, mobility, and production sectors.


SDGx may also offer this syndicate deals that the partners are investing in personally, instead of through the fund, that are still closely aligned to the UN SDGs.

  • Pre-seed
  • Seed
  • Series A

Jeremy Liddle is a 20+ year entrepreneur, investment, impact, Media/PR, and now Climate Tech specialist. He has made 15+ private/angel investments and another 15+ VC fund investments.


Zarmeen Pavri is a 25+ year funds management and impact investment specialist. She is the regional head of the Global Impact Investment Network and sits on the board of U Ethical.


Christian Walter is a 20+ year entrepreneur, technology, and impact specialist, having worked for a multinational energy company, UN and regional development organisations, and global tech such as Google.


The majority of investments we will make are in early-stage deep tech, so investors should have some basic understanding of, and empathy for, the timescales and processes involved in taking scientific and engineering-based deep IP companies to market.


Commitment to invest required: none

Fees to join: none