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This is a private syndicate for Rainstick friends, family and supporters.

Rainstick is a northern Queensland startup combining indigenous knowledge systems and modern electrokinetics to encourage fungi and plants’ natural systems to grow faster and increase yield.



Darryl Lyons
Founder, Maiawali Man
3rd time founder, EIR at James Cook University and Farmers2Founders.

3rd generation farmer passionate about indigenous knowledge systems.


Mic Black
Founder, Chief Thunderstorm Creator
3rd time founder, prolific inventor and technologist.

Hardware and software engineer with a lifelong passion for weather events and unreasonable challenges in biotech. Mic is driven by hope for future generations through transformative technology.


Chris McLoghlin
Special Projects
Hyper-connected industry expert, BDM

Experienced founder (Fable, Escavox), farmer of the year, and investor. Chris joined Rainstick as an investor and quickly found himself deep in the mycelia of the Rainstick team culture.