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🤙🌴🍰 Centered around the main team behind Cake, Palm Beach Ventures Syndicate (PBV) is the forerunner in angel investing. Our mission is to support exceptional founders through just, swift transactions. Our emphasis lies in identifying and nurturing potential success opportunities. Our extensive network of friends and partners across the Australian ecosystem positions us to collaborate effectively with exceptional founders. Our firsthand experience with the challenges of launching a startup enables us to provide valuable support and guidance.

About Us

PBV Syndicate, a foundational aspect of Palm Beach Ventures, serves as a bridge to the cutting-edge of innovation. Our team comprises seasoned professionals such as Jason Atkins, a genius in equity and capital raising, and Kane Templeton, whose expertise in sales and go-to-market strategies has secured numerous deals for startups in various markets including Australia, US, UK, India and Singapore. Our combined efforts have resulted in a syndicate that goes beyond placing bets on winners, actively participating in their development from the ground up.

Fund 1 Performance & AA Syndicates 

Fund 1 stands as a testament to our hands-on approach and the efficacy of our network. With over $400k invested in pre-seed and seed rounds over 12 months, we've been part of the entrepreneurial journey for companies that are now household names in the startup world. Our collaborative efforts have coalesced with industry giants like Startmate, Airtree, Blackbird, and TEN13, fostering growth and innovation across the board. 

  • Total Investment: Over $425k in 19 transformative startups over 12 months. Including Aussie Angels, Aquila Earth, Entry Level, Hex, Cake, Deployable, GGWP, Startmate to name a few. 
  • Partnerships: Co-invested with industry titans (Blackbird, Airtree, TEN13, Startmate, Galileo Ventures, EnergyLab and the Alice Anderson Fund) and leveraged strategic alliances for maximum impact. Supported by Cake, Cohort / Lumina X, Pipeline Capital, Startmate, Airtree Explorer Program
  • Success Stories: Enabled significant portfolio gains, highlighting our ability to identify and nurture potential. 
  • Syndicates on AA: 3/3 successfully closed, SeenCulture (live).

Fund 2 Applications (Opening Soon)

With the launch of Fund 2, we set out on a journey, driven by the same strategic vision and collaborative spirit that propelled our inaugural fund 1. We will concentrate on sectors where we excel, such as B2B SaaS, fintech, and regtech, while also exploring new fields such as energy, health tech and AI. Fund 2 aims to be a guiding light for promising startups, supporting their growth and innovation. Minimum raise target of $2M.

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With PBV Syndicate, you're not just investing; you're shaping the future. Join us in sculpting the next chapter of groundbreaking success — where your insights meet the grit of extraordinary founders ready to make their mark on the world.


PBV Core Team

  • Kane Templeton (full time on PBV): Cake's first hire and startup growth gun. With a laser focus on sales and go-to-market strategies, Kane has been pivotal in closing deals with thousands of Seed and Series A+ companies. His contributions have expanded Cake’s and PBV portfolio comapnies reach across Australia, the US, Singapore, and beyond, driving startups towards unprecedented growth.

  • Jason Atkins: Cake co-founder and startup mentor. At the heart of PBV's ethos. He’s raised pre-seed and seed rounds from VCs’ and Angels like Jason Calacanis. He’s got Cake into Australia’s premier accelerator, Startmate. With Jase leading Community, Cake has scaled from $0 ARR to well over $3m ARR with users in over 80 countries. All from the Gold Coast. He’s made almost every mistake possible for a first time founder. But he’s made it through!

  • PBV Fund 1 was founded by Jason Atkins and Kane Templeton, with help from Ben Howe (founder of Cohort and LuminaX) and Kim Hansen (co-founder of Cake Equity and tech wizard). The initial fund was established to create a brand new investment group that supported founders and was great to work with. The fund was designed to: Access the best deal; Invest with industry leaders; Provide leadership to the Gold Coast and QLD Angel communities; Focus on investing in B2B SaaS and maybe some other shiny stuff like e-commerce, plant-based meat, renewables; Keep it real fun; Closed group of trusted people; Keeping it small but active for Phase 1 to learn; and eventually lead to potential larger-scale Phase 2.