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About Nullarbor Ventures

Our motto is #OnlyPickWinners & so far, we've done just that!

Investors in; Superhero, Mr Yum, Komodo, Birdi, Swing, Adatree, Steppen & Landlord Studio.

We're a group of friends who love tech & spend many hours of our free time each week talking to founders & each other about how to build, identify & invest in the next big thing!

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Tim Rossanis - Managing Director @ Turo Australia. Airtree Explorer. GTM Launch & Growth Expert.

Ariel Hersh - Investment Director @ Seek Investments. Social Enterprise Founder. Marketplace & Product Expert.

Michael Schwartz - General Manager @ Maxfine. Chartered Accountant. Afterwork Ventures Fellow. Finance & Operations Expert.


Investing in Startups is risky business. We aim to generate unmatched returns but all syndicate investors should be prepared for abject failure.

Seek your own financial advice and make sure your asset allocation matches your overall financial objectives.


Commitment to invest required: none

Fees to join: none