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About Next Ventures


We want to invest in green technology while still providing a return to investors giving our investors the confidence and capital to invest in more green tech.



Split 50/50 of our investments into green tech, and companies we think could one day return large multiples on our investments.


Our Mandate:

As we have a 50/50 split of what we plan to invest in, our mandate is divided into 2 sections, Green and Growth.


#### Green Mandate:

  • Must repair or halt the damage humans have done to the environment


#### Growth Mandate:

  • Focus on what we (including you) know, members so far have a strong background in tech, so likely more tech focussed companies that we can assist by providing both capital and knowledge
  • Must be able to provide strong returns, factoring in the capital requirements, time till IPO, total addressable market, etc
  • Passionate founders that truly believe in what they are building, and can articulate that to other investors.
  • Seed
  • Pre-IPO

Ben King.

Currently AppMod Lead for Google Cloud in JAPAC.

To date I have invested in exactly 20 companies, founded and exited 1 company (back in 2004 before they were called startups).

The majority of my investments to date are via a fund or syndicate, after seeing a few good deals pass me by due to not wanting my smaller cheque sizes I started looking into creating my own and here we are.


Next Ventures is more a democracy than a dictatorship.


If you are aware of a great company feel free to tell us about it and we can complete due diligence together and determine if it is a good fit for Next Ventures.


In saying that we do expect to split our investments into companies we think will return capital, and companies that will return environmental outcomes and likely a negative capital return.