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Next Ventures is dedicated to finding the visionary startups that are shaping the future of technology.

At Next Ventures, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to supporting groundbreaking startups that are revolutionizing industries and driving progress with bold, ambitious ideas. We believe that the next big thing can come from anywhere, and our mission is to identify and invest in the game-changers of tomorrow.


The speed of innovation is picking up on a seemingly daily basis, with new disruptions emerging at an unprecedented pace, in addition a number of macro trends and technology trends are converging and where these trends converge there will be huge benefits to society. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, from biotech to space exploration, the possibilities are endless. Our role is to stay ahead of the curve and identify the next big opportunities that will shape the future.


Investment Thesis:

Our investment thesis is driven by a deep understanding of the macro trends and drivers shaping the future of technology. We focus on identifying startups with disruptive technologies that are riding one or more trends and have the potential to transform industries and create significant value for society and investors.

Evaluation Criteria / What we look to invest in:

We evaluate startups based on their:

  • Positioning to ride one of the current or upcoming macro trends
  • The potential to disrupt markets and profit from it
  • Their ability to scale with the demand
  • The strength of their founding team (Visionary founders who are dedicating every waking moment to the problem)


With a network of industry connections across tech and finance, we have access to a steady flow of high-quality deal opportunities. Our team leverages its expertise and experience to identify and evaluate promising startups, ensuring that we invest in the most promising opportunities. You will not see a lot of deals from us, but the ones we bring we are backing with our own funds.


Why invest in the next big thing?:

Opportunity for High Returns: Macro trends are what got Elon (whether you love or hate him) a number of great businesses:

  • Tesla rode the wave of Moores Law reducing compute to the size you can fit it in a car. At the same time batteries were becoming cheaper and more energy dense. And 5g was enabling over the air udpates.
  • SpaceX rode the wave of ML being able to land re-useable rockets, and the compute to analyse telemetry data in real time.
  • Starlink rode o SpaceX reducing launch costs, with small satelite tech, and Googles network backbone to provide internet to most of the world.

Join us in finding the next intersection of trends. Together, we can empower visionary startups and unlock the potential of the next big thing.


Ben King.

Currently founder of Aviato Consulting, a mobile app development and cloud consulting company.

Prior to that I was the AppMod Lead for Google Cloud APAC.

To date I have invested in over 25 companies, founded and exited 1 company (back in 2004 before they were called startups).

The majority of my investments to date are via a fund or syndicate, after seeing a few good deals pass me by due to not wanting my smaller cheque sizes I started looking into creating my own and here we are.