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About Harrison Uffindell's Syndicate


We're looking for the outliers that can completely change - or even create - an entire industry. The deals must have the potential to return our investors 50x, 100x, or even 1000x of their capital. This means we actively avoid deals that have a high likelihood of generating <10x.


In order to make an investment, we need to answer a HARD "YES" to each of the following 3 questions:


  1. If everything goes right, is the opportunity big enough to create a $10B+ company?
  2. Is the team uniquely positioned to solve this problem?
  3. Would I join these founders as an early employee?


We believe these 3 factors are key. If the company is operating in a huge space, with a team that has an unfair advantage in winning, and the founders have the ability to attract more great people as they grow, then they have the key ingredients to succeed.



  • Carted - Universal Commerce API
  • Invested at $5m --> current valuation $50m
  • We were first money in for Pre-Seed; Blackbird led the next round ($10m at $50m valuation)
  • Treinta - Super-app for Latam SMEs
  • Invested at $4m--> current valuation $100m --> (likely a lot higher after their upcoming round)
  • We invested before their YC acceptance and have seen their valuation 25x in less than 1 year
  • Vendease - Online marketplace for Africa's food service
  • Invested at $10m --> current valuation $50m
  • We were fortunate to invest before YC W21
  • Poise - Grammarly for Speech
  • Invested at $10m as part of the first money in
  • Our investment was then followed (at an undisclosed higher valuation) by Eric Yuam (CEO of Zoom), Jeff Weiner (Former CEO of LinkedIn), Brianne Kimmel, Slack Fund, and Wing VC.


Others include:

  • ShopCircle (Pre-Seed): Thasrio for the Shopify Ecosystem
  • Kidas (Pre-Seed): Online toxicity API that detects and alerts to prevent cyberbullying
  • (Pre-Seed): High accuracy transaction categorisation APIs to supercharge Fintech products
  • Pre-seed
  • Seed
  • Series A

Harrison Uffindell - 20x Angel, Ex-Airbnb, Ex-Founder; 2x Exits; Global network and deal flow


Our syndicate is best for investors that are looking to:

  1. invest at the earliest stages and hold for the long-term;
  2. exclusively target outlier opportunities with 100-1000x potential; and
  3. can make investment decisions fast.

Bonus points: willing to be evangelists for our portfolio companies, supporting from the sidelines by sharing their news/updates, and directing exceptional talent in their direction.


Commitment to invest required: none

Fees to join: none