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We're investing in tomorrow's startup scene. We're nurturing a diverse, progressive, intelligent, ambitious community — an environment, a movement — that’s going to build the future of Australia. We don’t just want to make awesome. We want to make the awesome that makes the awesome.

As a Family Office, Euphemia gets early access to dealflow from our network (other FO’s, VCs, Angels, ecosystem partners & founders) & we want to share it with our community of co-investors! 

Euphemia invests directly in startups across four main focus areas; FinTech, ClimateTech, Women-led & startup infrastructure, typically pre-seed to Series A.


Judy Anderson-Firth

Group CEO, Making awesome happen @ Euphemia ✨ Former CEO @ Startup Victoria (now known as The Startup Network), Australia’s largest startup community.


Dominic Pym

Australian Fintech Leader of the Year 2022. Entrepreneur. Technologist. Innovator. Investor. Co-founder of Euphemia, and Director at Fintech Australia. Co-founder of Up, Ferocia, Pin Payments, and Clear Interactive.