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Sparking change, igniting impact: Electrifi Ventures is powering the future of climate tech.

At Electrifi Ventures, we have a vision and mission to change the world. We believe that this change begins with innovation. That's why we're committed to backing climate tech startups that are transforming industries and driving progress with bold ambitious plans. By investing in visionary founders who are creating innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges, we can spark change for a brighter, cleaner future.



We believe that mitigating the risks of climate change is not only our responsibility as custodians of the planet, but it will be the greatest economic opportunity of our generation. It will require thousands of businesses across all parts of the economy to build innovative solutions and new ideas to solve this problem.

This revolution is already underway…   The Climate Tech space is attracting some of the world’s brightest minds from Bill Gates, to Al Gore, to Greta Thunberg, to Mike Cannon-Brookes and Elon Musk. Some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs of our time are devoting their lives to help find solutions. Our role is to find them.  

Globally, the Climate Tech space is one of the fastest growing investment segments and Australia is about to follow that lead:

  • In the US, there’s been a 210% growth in investment year-on-year, while the average deal size has quadrupled (PWC).
  • In Europe, Climate tech is the fastest growing vertical with the ecosystem now worth over $100B, doubling its value since 2020 (Dealroom).
  • In 2021 climate tech companies globally raised more than enterprise software (Technation).



Investment Thesis:

The investment thesis of the syndicate is underpinned by strong tailwinds caused by the following macro drivers:

  1. Global Trend to Decarbonise and move to Net-Zero
  2. Groundswell in environmentally conscious consumers
  3. Surging Corporate interest and demand for ESG and Impact Investment Assets


Evaluation Criteria / What we look to invest in:

The strength in any investment entity is the quality of their evaluation of potential opportunities. Our philosophy results in a set of criteria that filter not only the most exciting investment opportunities, but those that will make a lasting impact on our planet. Following is our evaluation criteria:

  1. Does the business have the ability to make a dent in solving the climate crisis?
  2. Is the Founder/s willing to solve the issue no matter what?
  3. Is the Founder/s looking to learn, grow and take on feedback to accelerate growth?
  4. Is the market opportunity large enough to earn returns of 100x?


Every deal we present to the Syndicate is thoroughly researched with a formal evaluation process undertaken before presenting to Electrifi Ventures Investment Committee for approval.



With a proven track record of more than 15 years of entrepreneurship and advisory in the Climate Tech space, our team has a reputation that founders regularly seek out. With active mentorship roles at Startmate, EnergyLab, Antler, Stone & Chalk and Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge, as well as being a Finalist in the 2022 Clean Tech Mentor of the Year Award – our Founder (and team) have an extensive network and access to some of the best founding teams. Between our team we have a strong record and have solid inbound deal flow. Our team has spent time overseas sourcing deals in North America and Israel, as well as further international opportunities this year.



We are more than just a side hustle and believe that we provide both investors and startups with a unique and superior approach to syndicate investing:


  • Formal Investment Committee (IC) to ensure all deals have been thoroughly vetted and meet our mandate and investment requirements.
  • Strong advisory skills and experience adding significant additional value to investors and founders by providing real and tangible support to portfolio companies.
  • Been there, done that: Our team has founded several companies, with some great exits and some epic failures. We have also invested in some of the best Climate Tech businesses in Australia and globally.
  • Global Access: We aim to give investors access to the best investment opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Globally.
  • Skin in the Game: We invest alongside you and put our money where our mouth is. We aim to invest a greater percentage in each deal than most other syndicate leads typically would.



Why invest in Climate Tech Startups?:

  • Follow the Smart Money:

With 25% of all VC funds being invested in Climate Tech in 2022, if you’re not allocating capital to Climate Tech in 2023 – you’re missing out. Don’t be left behind in one of the fastest growing investment classes globally.

  • Returns Potential:

Climate Tech firms in Europe have doubled in value since 2020, with Australian start-ups likely to follow on a similar trajectory. Gain access to start-ups with a groundswell behind them.

  • The world needs you:

To really solve the climate crisis, it will require thousands of bold, ambitious founders to make it their life’s work to find solutions. These founders will need angel funding to get them off the ground.

  • Stand-Up and make a difference:

When you sit down with your kids, family or friends – you can know that you are investing in a future that is brighter for everyone and be proud that your money is changing the world for good.


Electrifi Ventures is a small but passionate team with a strong track record of founding several market leading businesses as well as investing in winning teams. Our team have all had a long-term, dedicated focus working in, and supporting clean energy and Climate Tech businesses, with an exceptional understanding of this space. We work closely with startups and founders to assist in building, optimising and executing their strategic plans. This focus and leverage differentiates our approach and adds significant additional value to investors and founders by providing real and tangible support to portfolio companies. Through our extensive network within the Climate Tech space we also open doors and create industry connections to accelerate growth and new opportunities.  

Following are our core team members:


Danin Kahn:

Founded several companies and currently consults, advises and invests in the Climate Tech and Energy Transition space with strong expertise in Strategy, Growth and GTM.



Climate Tech: Orkestra, Carbon Asset Solutions, NRN, Acacia, Aquila

Other Investments: Aussie Angels, Functionly, Black Nova (LP), Startmate (LP)

Experience: Founded Glass Onion, Todae Eco Store, Todae Solar, GrowthStream, Electrifi Ventures. Advisor and Consultant to many local and global Climate Tech companies

Mentor: Startmate, EnergyLab, Antler, Stone & Chalk, Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge.

Finalist in the 2022 Clean Tech Mentor of the Year Award


Simon Monk:

Renowned ClimateTech investor. Passionate about innovation, design and experienced developing ideas into products. Follows curiosity. https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonmonk/


Climate Tech: MGA Thermal, Conry Tech, 5B, Gridcognition, JET Charge, Ping Services,

Other Angel Investments: SignOnSite, Seedooh, Snug.com, Tzukuri, Tractor Ventures

Experience: Founded World Nomads, FootprintsNetwork.org, SOL



Alex De Aboitiz:



Climate Tech in Australia: Vow Foods, SunDrive, GoTerra, Uluu, Gridcog, Sicona Battery Technologies, Novalith, Harvest B, One Small Step

Climate Tech Elsewhere: Energy Bank (NZ), Living Carbon (US), Boundary Layer Technologies (US), Wind Catching Systems (Norway), WeaveGrid (US), Change Foods (US), H2Pro (Israel), Hyzon (US), Mosa Meats (NED), and Phykos (US)


Other Angel Investments: Baraja, Biteable, Canva, Elev.io, FlareHR, Flaunter, Hampr, MorseMicro, Myagi, PawShake, Propeller, ROCOS (NZ), Sign on Site, Spaceship, Stitch, Workyard, Work180 and Zoox

LP: Startmate, Tank Stream Ventures, Blackbird Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures

Renewable Infrastructure Investments: Sentient Solar Asset Fund, Infradebt Ethical Funds, Octopus Renewable Energy Opportunities Fund, Morrison Green Fund, Clear Sky Investments, Grong Grong Solar Farm and Sandbrook Capital Climate Infrastructure Fund (US based)

Experience: Citibank, BCG, Amazon.com and early member and CFO of Mercadolibre. Consultant to AirTree Ventures and Tank Stream Ventures

Mentor: Startmate, Muru-d, Energy Labs