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Daniel Gavel is an entrepreneur and investor with almost 10 year investing into the early stage technology space, through his roles as partner at Black Sheep Capital, The Flock and Full Circle Venture Capital.    With experience investing from Pre-Seed all the way through to Series D, Dan has been lucky enough to be one of the earliest investor in and work closely with the teams at Go1, Ignition, Amber Electric, Sendle, Valiant Finance and Airtasker.

From time to time, there are opportunities that Dan invests into as they are not a good fit for Black Sheep Capital, but for which Dan has conviction.   He makes these investments from his personal balance sheet.

It should be noted, these investments are largely driven by a strong thesis on the opportunity and a strong founding team, but also carry higher risk then typical allocations.   My approach is to get in early, accept the additional risk and believe the founders can solve along the way.