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Our Blossom Capital Partners angel syndicate was created to help make early-stage startup investing more accessible to more investors.

Joanna and Vadim have been Angel investing in early-stage tech startups and for several years, and more recently mentoring and assisting founders to raise capital.

We get early access to ambitious and innovative early-stage startups and talented founders that are solving real problems. We back and mentor talented Australian tech founders and want to share these wide range of opportunities with more investors through this syndicate.

We encourage syndicate members to be active with us and the startups we invest in!



Our deal flow for investments comes from:

  • referrals,
  • our own network of investors, founders and Boards,
  • being active in industry engagement, and
  • VC and Family Office friends.



We try to keep it simple:

  1. It's early-stage tech and Australian
  2. Proven (or exited) founders
  3. Validated market fit
  4. Large attainable market (aka "VC scale")
  5. We'd use it ourselves!

Of course, we still evaluate a range of key criteria (eg. Team, Distribution, Traction and Metrics, Technology... and importantly, Value/Valuation).

Things you probably won't see from us: bio/medtech, services or agencies, hardware-only, crypto, wagering, B2C, DTC, mobile apps, or games.


Depending on the deal, we will allow investments as little as AU$2,000 in the curated high-potential deals.


Joanna Zaslavsky (B. Psych.)

Joanna's background was originally in Private Banking where she started and led a new division for NAB Private, servicing high networth clients to find new investments. Joanna then headed up Investor Relations in the Development Finance sector, working on multi-million Development projects. 

It wasn't until Joanna's work with the $100Mn Bio Capital Impact Fund (BCIF) where she sourced high networth investors for BioTech technologies, that she began working with early-stage startups.  From there, Joanna has assisted multiple startups raise capital, eventually starting to invest in her own portfolio of early-stage companies.


Vadim Petrichenko (B. Bus. Law)

Vadim brings 20yrs of corporate Commercial and Procurement leadership, leading national and global teams. He has led and negotiated large-scale commercial deals and strategies in complex, fast-paced organisations across multiple industries: IT; Retail; Franchise; Finance; Infrastructure; Telecommunications, and Manufacturing.

Vadim's corporate roles have allowed him to be an impactful 'intrapreneur', which has led to becoming an operator angel investor. 

Prior to completing his Bachelor of Business Law, Vadim also studied Software Engineering.