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Our mandate

We invest in:

  • Australian companies with novel ideas to drive radical transformation in our food and agriculture system with technology
  • Pre-revenue, Pre-seed, and seed
  • Agtech, foodtech, agriculture, farmtech, agnostic, software & technology, and environmental
  • AI, automation, impact investing, data & analytics, future of work, hardware, collaboration, payments, ML, productivity, integration, IoT, no-code, SDGs, robotics, carbon, VR, drones, API, ESG, AR, blockchain, B2B, SaaS, marketplace, mobile app, and sustainability


We believe in:

  • Commercial viability: to create the biggest impact over time, a convincing business model, go-to-market strategy and clear pathway to commercialisation is crucial.
  • Committed founders only: ideas can change over time as technology adapts to the ever changing environment, however we’re only invested in founders dedicating themselves to creating positive long-term impact in this space.
  • Growth of exceptional founders: we believe great founders are well equipped to raise independently and consider funds as a commodity. Our founders are clear on what they seek from the SproutX network and often they are here for much more than merely the monetary value we provide


Previous Investments

AgUnity: blockchain and smartphone solution enabling farmers to transact in cooperatives with greater transparency and profitability.

Bloombox Co: flower delivery company that taps into seasonal Australian grown flowers, with minimal waste and a low environmental footprint.

Out of Box Solutions: an image recognition SaaS and hardware device, targeting trapping and monitoring in feral animal/ pest management and conservation.

Provenir: Australia’s first mobile abattoir for high welfare red meat, and Good Food Award winning premium beef.

Tie Up Farming: farm operations management tool for small farms through to enterprise-sized agribusinesses

EnviroEye: bringing water savings and efficiencies to a range of agricultural enterprises through sensors, high resolution satellite imaging, and machined based learning.

Circle Harvest: Australia's largest and longest running edible insect farm. They are also a world leader in edible insect farming techniques, with edible insect products suitable for the Western diet and educating the general public about the benefits of insects as a source of food.

Fresh Supply Co: blockchain applications for agricultural producers, providing traceability in their supply chain, after-retail sales and provenance marketing.

AgMesh: IoT farm management and productivity solutions across grazing and mixed farms

Platfarm: precision agriculture tools using affordable, everyday smartphone devices for small to medium-sized farmers.

Smart Foal: real time foaling monitor and tracker.

Stratus Imaging: using UAV to provide non-speculative insights for removing yield limiting factors, whilst saving agri-businesses and farmers time, money and potential yield increases.

Pairtree Intelligence: delivering valuable tools to help farmers fully benefit from the digital farm revolution by making the most of whatever smart devices and information services they choose to use.

Mobble: helping farmers around the globe become more profitable, productive and environmentally sustainable by accessing real-time data to improve daily decision making with their livestock farm management software.

Ubot: low cost citrus robotic harvester.

Ambit Robotics: focusing on smallholder farms in Asia, Ambit Robotics reduces labour costs and chemical exposure during crop spraying.

eBottli: protecting winemakers from counterfeit during export by applying track and trace technology to guarantee traceability, from the vineyard to the consumer.

Agtuary: harnessing satellite and climate data to provide next generation insights into agricultural production, risk, and investment decision making.

Farmlab: an agronomy software that combines remotely sensed data with soil test results, helping farmers to track and manage changes to soil over time.

Little Green Panda: Driven to be the world's largest producer of single-use products from agricultural wastes, currently producing drinking straws for the hospitality sector, made from sugar cane, wheat and bamboo.

Leaf Protein Co: a B2B ingredient company, tapping into the potential of non-traditional sources of plant protein such as Australian natives, leafy greens and horticultural by-products

Optomni: digitising horticulture, Optomni are a trading and supply chain optimisation platform, powered by AI, for the fresh produce sector.

Azaneo: harnesses the power of non-thermal and rapid electrical pulses to instantly destroy plant cells

isoFoodtrace: science backed traceability services through stable isotope technology

Cellysis: increasing food shelf life with patented vapour technology, unlocking logistical routes to new markets.

Stoketake: livestock management through AI muzzle recognition technology


Why now?

As the world observes population growth, declining soil health, changes in eating habits, increasing demands on regenerative practices in the past decades - it’s safe to say the root of current climate and food issues lies mostly within agricultural challenges.


As of August 2020, revenue of the agribusiness sector of Australia is valued at $208 billion, with a 1.3% growth year on year. Disruptive technology has had the most acute impact on the farming sector over the past five years. 


That’s why in 2016, SproutX had the single goal of empowering farmgate-to-plate founders to build world-class agricultural technologies, creating a positive impact on the lives of producers and consumers.


The creation of this syndicate stemmed from the state (read: lack) of early investment for agri/foodtech startups, in a world that commonly favours SaaS and is still hung up on a ‘20/12’ investment rule - we’re looking to usher in one of the most tight knitted and impatiently optimistic communities to invest in their own future, learn more about the agrifood ecosystem, and its search for novel ideas.


Why us?

Opportunities: Being Australia’s first agtech accelerator program, we have the wonderful opportunity to access quality early-stage opportunities, from our cohorts across our programs since 2016, our partners, and the wider Australian Agri/foodtech ecosystem.


Network: SproutX is powered by Findex, one of the largest privately owned providers of integrated financial services and advice across ANZ and supports over 57,000 clients within agriculture, forestry and fishing.


Where to find us?

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Maxie Juang, Program Director of SproutX