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This syndicate is dedicated to Web3, Crypto and NFT projects. Decentralised and Web3 projects are a fast growing sector but often misunderstood. Damien King started investing in Bitcoin in 2012 via ebay and Mt Gox and soon started mining with his own rigs. Damien has invested in many Crypto projects and as an engineer who released his own smart contracts and run many nodes he is well placed to help cut through the complexities and BS that often comes along with Web3 projects.


Damien King - Founder, CTO and Crypto Investor. Early Bitcoin miner and crypto native. Invested in multiple Web3 projects and founded multiple startups, exited two.


Daniel Cano - Founder, CEO, CFO and investor. Business and Finance leader with experience across many sectors. Recently exited company after leading it for the past 12 years.